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Welcome To Venkatsafetynets

Venkatsafetynets is one of the leading companies in providing different nets along with valuable services. It provides netting solutions for different industrial, commercial and household sectors. The nets are categorized under bird protection nets,Safety nets, Balcony safety nets, sports nets, Coconut Nets, birds spikes and other nets.

We try to bring clarity in the designs in each and every of our products with timely delivery.We value long term relationships with our clients rather then short term gains. Apart from our vast range of products, we are able to provide customization in each of our manufactured goods with our well-managed infrastructure.

Quality we provide

Pigeon Safety Nets Bangalore

Balacony Safety Nets Bangalore

Bird Protection Net Bangalore

We always focus on the specific need and requirements of the clients. Our long existence in this field is due to the strict quality standards we follow. We know that to survive in the market for a long time, quality maintenance is important. So, we try to maintain the quality standards at our utmost level.

We are Unique

  • In providing High quality
  • Availability and our uncompromisable range
  • Cost Effective products
  • Easily Available to all
  • Providing quality netting services and solution
  • Low maintenance
  • We serve with STRONG and DURABLE nets
  • Our nets are Easy to INSTAL and REMOVE
  • The nets we provide are Anti RUST and Anti CORROSION nets

Venkat safety nets have grown into prominence in recent years as they provide the highest quality of nets. They use the best grade material which helps in protecting the workers if they fall from high rise building in any construction sites, protects children in the playground , prevents pigeons from entering the residence area , safeguards pets and kids in balconies with the help of balcony nets.
The excellent durability, high tensile strength and fine finishing of the products provide an upgraded version of nets, which are in great demand and valued by the clients. Venkat safety nets are known for testing these nets on various quality parameters for ensuring that the product is very much near to a perfect product to be used for various residential and commercial areas.They are one of the best providers of safety nets in Bangalore. The different types of net which they provide are balcony safety nets , pigeon safety nets , construction safety nets , sports nets.
Safety nets are one of the basic necessities for any construction sites , playground in schools , colleges where events and functions are conducted, games are being played thus preventing the ball from pitching out of the bordered area and to stop the spectators from entering the ground.Venkat safety nets understands all these requirements and manufacture the nets which perfectly matches the client’s requirements.The nets are of regular quality and premium quality to match the budget and the standard requirements.
Venkat safety nets being one of the top provider of nets has become very popular among the customers as the nets are of very good quality and affordable by the customers.The nets supplied by them are manufactured by professionals who understand the requirements and consider all the pros and cons before manufacturing the nets.
The characteristics of safety net which they provide are that they are easily available at uncompromisable range and to all,low maintenance, are easy to install,anti rust and anti corrosive properties.
Venkat safety nets value long term relationships with their clients, so they provide the safety nets after having clear interaction with them.The customized nets are very beneficial to the customers as it satisfies their complete needs benefitting them. Every day they are increasing their customer base with the word of mouth publicity , regular customers refer their friends and family members to their company after receiving satisfactory service from them.
Their long term vision is to be the top provider of safety nets to almost all kinds of business and personal purpose where physical safety is required and keep expanding to become the leader in this industry.They have earned the respect and trust of the customers within a short period of time which is a proof of their high grade service which they are providing to the customers.Any customer who is looking for safety net which perfectly understands the customer that is customer centric, then they should opt for “Venkat safety nets”.